Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bad bad baaadddd!

OK, the last few days have been chaotic and bad. Apparently I didn't commit to being frugal and fit as much I wished I had. Instead, I lived my normal soda-chip-chocolate-fast-food routine. I am determined to break out of this. I used to be very healthy (though calorie-obsessed). I want to be a whole-foods-vegan. Not a junk food vegetarian. It's a huge deal for me. I also want to exercise (walk!) everyday.

Though I have no intention of making this a religious blog, I recently went back to church for the first time in 7 years. I went to confession, too, and feel very happy about my faith now. Fuller and happier than ever before. I promised God at Easter that I would start treating my body better. No more junk, no more chemical food, no more fatty food or overly processed crud. Knowing that a healthy body can be a more functional body means I'll be better able to serve others and love my neighbor, and that's what life is all about, really.

So, I think the best thing to do is a menu plan, and then just DEDICATION to it, to making healthy whole foods for myself and my family (my husband, for now. My pets eat their healthy food compressed into doggie and kitty kibble). There is a difference in thought and action, and I think action is what I'm missing.

This morning I decided to take action and make whole grain (whole wheat-oat-flax) waffles without oil and with just a little sugar. I also made soy sausage patties from scratch (textured soy flour-oat-flax-spices-whole wheat flour) and cut up some fresh strawberries. It was all very delicious. Now we're going to walk (WALK!) our doggies on a trail downtown. I think things are looking up.

Updated to add:

We walked about 3 miles until it starting pouring down rain. Came home and I had a delicious Amy's California veggie burger for lunch on Ezekiel bread. We got out of church last night (yes, my Athiest husband came with me!) at 11:30, so we stopped by the store for something quick, yet not frugal. But we did get 2 1/2 meals out of $10 worth of whole, healthy foods, so that's not too bad! Amy's California burgers contain bulgur wheat, vegetables, oats and walnuts, and Ezekiel bread is made with sprouted grains, which is so cool. I hope someday to learn how to make sprouted grain bread as I find it utterly delicious and healthy! I also had strawberries, a banana and half a pickle for lunch. If I'm still hungry later I'll make some air pop popcorn or applesauce. If I get really hungry I'll eat some extra veggie sausage and waffles from b-fast. My goals for today are to tackle dinner for tonight and tomorrow, so I have something in the fridge after my long long day at work tomorrow. I'd also like to make up some more waffles since I've got the waffle iron out, and save them for tomorrow or Tuesday. (I leave for work at 7 AM)

Tonight's dinner plans:
Lentil tacos (lentils, taco seasoning, tomatos) on corn tortillas

Tomorrow breakfast:
Waffles with strawberries and soymilk

Tomorrow's lunch:
Lentil tacos

Tomorrow's dinner:
Split pea/carrot soup with herb roasted potatoes

My food plans are to work towards eating like Miss Happy Herbivore -- very different than my hershey's chocolate/cheese/chips/soda filled life of the last few months. I love the simplicity of how she eats and how she doesn't have any arbitrary "rules," just tries to eat as healthy and whole as possible. I also want to walk everyday, at least a little. I think with that combination, my weight is bound to drop to a more comfy level. :-)

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