Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Menu planning and today's eating

Today's eating isn't going very well at all. It's a joke at work that since we work really long hours 4 days a week, on our free day off all we do is sleep or veg. It's been one of those days off for sure! I can save I've done the following important things:

Grocery shopped
NOT purchased/eaten any food outside the home besides the 1 grocery trip
Recorded grocery purchases
Cleaned the bedroom and bathroom
Cleaned out the fridge
Put away clean laundry

My other two really important goals are to make dinner and make a menu plan. It's currently 5 PM. I need to pick my hubby up from work when he calls, and then go to a staff meeting at work for an hour. I'm planning on making split pea soup and roasted potatoes for dinner tonight, so I should probably start it in 30 minutes.


Russell called while I was writing the last paragraph.

I went and got him, brought him home, and immediately had to go back to work. All that traffic and having to go back to work made me very grumpy so I stopped for CHOCOLATE, CHIPS and a SODA! ($3.49)

Then the meeting lasted til 7:45 and I stopped and got beans, rice, tortillas and corn chips on the way home! ($15, but enough for three servings)

Aiy yie, this is why my size 10 jeans ripped up the butt! :-O

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