Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Turn

Those sound like good rules. Chris and I usually try to shop for a couple of weeks at a time, but going weekly might be better since we usually run out of something every week anyway. So here is my attempt at some rules:

#1 Make a list/plan for meals and shop weekly (STICK to list and do not deviate!)

#2 Walk everyday at work. It's not like anyone would notice if I took a 10 minute break anyway

#3 Take lunch everyday. I've gotten better at this since I don't have a lunch buddy anymore, but occasionally I run out to get something because I'm sick of leftovers.

#4 REALLY, REALLY cut back spending on fabric and misc crap I don't need. And I mean REALLY.

#5 Try to write down foods eaten and items purchased (either here or in OCD journal)

Here is my food spending report for yesterday:

$1.08 at Sonic on cranberry slush

~$6 at Sonic (later) for dinner and dessert

Signing off for now.


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