Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Update - Guilty Confession

Well, I haven't been very good about posting daily, have I? Oh well. At the beginning of this week I thought we were going to have to do a major run to the grocery store since we were pretty low on food after our three day trip to CA. As it turned out when I got home and actually looked at what food we had in the freezer, we were able to get by most of the week with just a quick trip on Monday for coffee creamer and ahem, Chinese food. I made a meal plan for the week and we stuck with it, mostly. Granted, yesterday we ordered pizza but I've eaten leftovers for lunch every day this week. I have gone to McDonald's and Starbucks once each though. BUT the McDonald's trip only cost $1.07 and I got a FREE latte and a Fruit Parfait (not too bad, could have been the cinnimon bites) and yeah, Starbucks was bad, $5.15 but I used the $5 Chris had in his walled and 15 cents from the car. So overall, none of this money came from using the bank card. I think that means it doesn't count, at least as much. I have gone out and walked two or three times this week. Once I walked up to the cafeteria with Jenifer when she wanted to go. She bought a soda and I didn't (because I didn't have any cash at the time) but it was a good walk and the weather was nice. Today it's raining so I probably won't be walking much. Oh, and a confession, I bought some discounted Easter candy on Monday so I've been eating that this week. Thankfully, Chris finished that off yesterday so no yucky chocolate for me today! We are definately eating leftovers tonight since we ordered pizza yesterday. I hope this weekend and next week will be better (as far as healthier.) I guess that's it for now.


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